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Find your fit
Real-time motion tracking and personalised feedback that helps you make the most of every workout.
Woman working out with a smartphone on a yoga mat
Visual representation of personalised feedback that Hero provides on smartphones
Personalised feedback with every workout
Make the most of your workouts with form feedback that combines the precision and immediacy of AI technology with the experience and expertise of a human trainer.
Build confidence and perfect your form
Set personal goals and track progress over time with your unique form score, indicating how well you performed each movement during every session.
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Begin your personal
fitness journey
Set personal goals and begin your unique fitness journey with our innovative total body programmes and workouts, that help you progress in a way that suits your body, goals and lifestyle.
Ready to go,
in 3 simple steps
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Choose your workout
Choose and preview your preferred workout, getting to grips with the exercises it involves before you begin.
Position and scan icon
Position and scan
Get your phone into position and wait as Hero scans and plots 33+ digital key points across your body.
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Train with feedback
Follow the training guidance, getting real-time, personalised visual and audio feedback as you exercise.
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Hero for businesses
Partner with Hero and keep your teams motivated, engaged and productive. No matter where they are.
Find out more
Expert led workouts
and programming
Chosen for their welcoming approach and expertise in fitness, our inspirational team of trainers will provide you with the guidance and support you need in every workout.
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Elevate your workout experience
Make home workouts more immersive by connecting Hero to any second-screen and linking your workouts to the music of your choice.
Visual representation of a Second screen experience when working out with Hero app
We’re on a mission to
help the world move
At Hero, we believe everyone should have the freedom and knowledge to train confidently, whenever and wherever they like. Whether you're at home, in the park or at the gym — getting fit should be an experience that is unique to your body, lifestyle and goals.
Accessible for every body
Designed for every lifestyle, goal and fitness ability, Hero’s mobile-first solution provides personalised coaching without the need for additional hardware. Compatible with both iOS and Android.
Personalised at every movement
Progress through your unique fitness journey with real-time personalised coaching and form feedback that supports you during and after every workout.
Truly mobile and on-demand
By transforming your phone into a personalised trainer, Hero gives you the freedom and guidance to exercise effectively wherever and whenever you need and the flexibility to train on your terms.
What is personalised training?
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Personalised training combines the precision and immediacy of body-tracking and AI technology with the experience and expertise of a human trainer, meaning you receive real-time form feedback and guidance using just your mobile phone.
What equipment do I need?
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Just your mobile phone, the Hero app and you. The beauty of the Hero programme is that it’s completely bodyweight focussed. For comfort though, you may want to use an exercise mat for any floor based exercises.
How long do the workouts take?
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Each workout will vary depending on whether you’re following the beginner, intermediate or advanced programme. We would advise to allow 45 minutes for your session, giving you enough time to warm up and cool down.
How many programmes do you have?
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We've tried to create programmes that cater for different levels of fitness experience, with three basic levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Across these we have three pillars of training that the programming revolves around: cardio, strength and core. The programmes are split into 4 week blocks with the aim of completing 3 – 5 sessions a week, depending on your preferences. To keep things flexible, you can also drop-in to a workout whenever you want!
Does the app work on iOS and Android?
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Yes! Hero works across both platforms and devices, Apple and Android.
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