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Measure your cardiovascular fitness in minutes with AI-powered assessments
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Accurate insights delivered instantly

Get your results immediately after completing an assessment as Hero transforms complex movement data into accurate fitness insights.

Features include
Live rep-counting
Performance tracking

Support and guidance in every assessment

Move confidently and effectively with AI-powered audio and visual feedback that guides you through every assessment.

Features include
Trainer-led assessments
Audio and visual guidance

Remarkably simple and easy-to-use

Get setup and start an assessment whenever and wherever you need, with our intuitive and hardware-free smartphone-only solution.

Features include
Interactive onboarding
Innovative assessments
Privacy and data

Exercise with confidence,
in confidence

Using just your phone, Hero plots key points across your body that provide all the data we need to support you through every movement.

This means no video or audio data is ever stored, recorded or transmitted from your device. So your privacy is always protected.

Ready to go in three simple steps

Find a space
Find a space (inside or out!) that’s big enough for you to move freely at a distance of about 2m from your phone.
Position and scan
Get your phone into position, step back and wait as Hero scans and plots digital key points across your body.
Give it all you've got!
Progress through your session confidently, with personalised audio and visual prompts guiding you as you move.

Designed by trainers, powered by tech

By combining the expertise and experience of our training team with the precision and immediacy of AI and body-tracking technology, our gold-standard fitness assessments are available whenever and wherever you need them.

Meet the trainers

Designed by trainers, powered by tech

By combining the expertise and experience of our training team with the precision and immediacy of AI and body-tracking technology, your next workout is always planned, personalised and ready to go. And of course led by one of our inspirational training team.

Meet the trainers


What is Hero?

Hero is an app that provides personalised fitness insights, using just your smartphone.

By combining the precision and immediacy of body-tracking and AI technology with gold-standard assessments and analysis, Hero transforms complex movement data into tangible insights.

Meaning you can understand things like your cardiorespiratory fitness, in just a few minutes.

Who is Hero for?

Hero began with a simple but ambitious vision; to democratise quality fitness coaching, so as many people as possible can experience the benefits a more active life can bring.

The app has been designed to be suitable for all fitness levels.

What equipment do I need?

None! All you need is your smartphone and the Hero app.

Hero has been designed to be as accessible and easy-to-use as possible, no matter where you are. No tracking devices, watches or sensors are needed.

Does the app work on iOS and Android?

Yes! Hero is available across both platforms.

The Hero app will work better on newer devices due to the improved camera specifications, so we recommend using a device manufactured from 2020 or more recently.

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