Helping the world


Our beginning

Born from a love for sport and a first-hand understanding of the benefits being active can have on our physical and mental wellbeing, Hero was founded with a simple but ambitious vision; to democratise quality fitness coaching, so as many people as possible can experience the benefits a more active life can bring.

Our mission

We’re on a mission to help the world move by transforming the smartphone into a powerful, personalised training device. Inspiring and empowering millions to exercise with knowledge, confidence and support.

Our ethos

In the spirit of helping as many people move as possible, we live and work by a few key principles. They guide the products we build, the partnerships we make and the people we hire.

Accessible exercise

Exercising and getting fit can often be an overwhelming, expensive and sometimes daunting experience. We look to remove the barriers and make good quality training as affordable, easy-to-use and scalable as possible.

Always personal(ised)

The best experiences are those that are personal, human and unique. By putting the user at the heart of everything we do, we stand the best chance of helping as many people as possible progress and fulfil their fitness goals.

Create lasting impact

As a business we're committed to giving back. Using exercise as our activation, we aim to build partnerships that inspire and create lasting impact on people's lives both on and off the app.

By bringing together a fantastic team and collaborating with amazing partners, I’m confident we can create something brilliant that can truly make a difference.