Core coach

Kaysha Wright

Personal Trainer, Female First Coach, Power House

Passionate about moving her body and inspiring others to move theirs, Kaysha wants everyone to have fun whilst working out! Aiming to make exercise simple and accessible for everyone, Kaysha believes that teaching the fundamentals of good form and technique is crucial for the longevity of your training.

“It’s never too late to start! You will be so proud of what you are capable of”

Kaysha’s training is always centred around quality of movement, helping you build confidence to execute movements properly and achieve the results you want. Always encouraging you to push your body in the most safe and efficient way, Kaysha can’t wait to help you progress!

“Show up for yourself on the good days and the bad days. Consistency is the route to success”

When she's not at the gym, Kaysha can be found spending time with friends and family, laughing and dancing. A big music lover, Kaysha enjoys attending concerts, is an avid listener of audio books and is always planning her next adventure!

Consistency is the route to success. Show up for yourself on the good days and the bad days.