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Your plan.
Your Journey.

Begin your unique fitness journey and progress in a way that suits your body, goals and lifestyle.

Structured for success

Our tailored exercise plans are designed around your goals, preferences and ability level, providing you with a personalised framework that gives you the structure and accountability to stay motivated, whilst remaining flexible around your lifestyle.

Train with confidence

With personalised AI coaching and feedback supporting you during and after every workout, Hero helps you perform every movement correctly and safely, giving you the freedom and knowledge to train confidently, whenever and wherever you like.

Track your progress

Make every workout count with your unique form score and post-workout summaries that track your progress every step of the way, including workout statistics and  tips on what you did well, what to improve on and how you compared to friends.

We’ve got you covered

No matter your preferences, lifestyle or ability, we’ve got workouts that’ll work for you.

Training variety

Built around our three core pillars of training: Cardio, Strength and Core, our training provides variety, flexibility and keeps you motivated and engaged at every stage of your development.

For every level

Fulfil your fitness goals, however big or small with workouts designed for every fitness level and ability. Whether you're just starting out or more advanced, Hero lets you set goals and progress in a way that feels comfortable for you.

Bodyweight focussed

No equipment? No problem. The Hero workouts are all bodyweight focussed, giving you the freedom and flexibility to train effectively whenever and wherever you want. So all you need is your mobile phone, the Hero app and you.