November 29, 2023

Why good form matters

What is 'form'?

Before we get stuck into the details of why form is important, let’s start by explaining what ‘form’ is.

‘Form’ or in a fitness context, ‘technique’, is a means to highlight when you are moving your body in the safest possible way to maximise your performance.

The beautiful thing about the body is that everyone moves differently. Your age, bone structure and previous experience all play a part in what good form and progress looks like to you.

So, when it comes to exercising and the goals you're setting for yourself, whether it be health related, strength or fitness, how well you move plays an integral part in your training success.

Why is form so important?

At Hero, we believe that exercising should be an experience that is unique to your body and goals. The programme you follow is one aspect that helps create a safe and progressive structure (which we’ll talk about another time!), but how you perform your movements during each session will dictate the longevity of your journey.

By teaching and ensuring the best form and technique across all your movements, we can build solid foundations that will not only make exercising safer, but will also increase your chances of success considerably.

What are some of the main benefits of moving with good form?

1. Reduces the chances of injury

Injury is one of the most common reasons people stop training. By moving slightly out of position when exercising you can increase the chances of a muscular or ligament strain.

For example, when performing a bodyweight squat if you have a pain in your knee you may put more weight through the other leg. Over time this can lead to bad movement patterns and if not treated can cause further damage and inflammation of the knee.

When maintaining your form properly, you help your muscles work together and as a result build strength and stability. The stronger your body becomes the more capable it is in supporting itself throughout your workouts and your day to day.

2. Builds strength and muscular symmetry (Team work)

We all tend to have some form of muscular imbalance due to our daily habits. Sedentary jobs and even more so manual jobs can create repetitive movement patterns, encourage posture changes and problematic muscle tightness. This is why it is important to move our bodies regularly.

When moving and most importantly with good form, our muscles work together as a team ensuring that each member (muscle) is doing their utmost to support  each other.

This improves coordination, balance, your ability to build stronger muscles and reduces the chances of picking up any unnecessary niggly injuries.

A trained body is a strong body and it can withstand the stresses we place upon it giving you the best possible chance of success in your  health goals  and your world outside of fitness.

3. Brings focus and helps conserve energy

As your form improves your ability to perform each exercise becomes more efficient. This efficiency can help you work harder, creating more stimulus for your body to become stronger and fitter.  A greater awareness of your body allows you to focus on how you move, specifically the quality of that movement.

As you embark on your fitness journey, you will become more aware of your body and what feels right and safe when you train. Correct form helps you work smarter and for longer, increasing your chances of success.


Maintaining correct form during exercise is essential for maximising the benefits and minimising the risk of injury. By focusing on the quality of your movements you can achieve your fitness goals safely and effectively.

Coach Simon

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